Sunday, September 06, 2015

Flexibility/stretching tutorials

I was asked recently if I could share some of the YouTube tutorials for stretching that are out there, so here are a few links for anyone it might help.

I'm not a coach and not qualified in anything of this sort, so if anyone qualified is reading this and sees any issues with any of these videos/tutorials, please do let me know.

Stretches for getting your splits:

Back stretches:

In fact, all of Lisa Maree's videos are pretty good - her channel is here: BalletLisa

"The Frog" is really good for opening hips (although it's not the most lady-like of poses!!):

Another for stretching the legs and improving hip flexibility:

If you're really at a beginner level, this is a great video showing you some starter stretches:

I hope these help!

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  1. Thanks for the videos! I have been working on getting my splits back for a full year now. Though my flexibility had improved, it can still get better!